dijous, 19 de maig de 2011


  1. he went to the information desk.
  2. he went up to the first floor, to the duthy-fro shop area.
  3. he went up to the shop and ask for a persons who can help him.
  4.  he wemt in the passport control and he found soldiers 
  5.  he went backk to the dutyy-free shop are a and tried to find to JANITOR 
  6. he found the Janitor. he gave him information and the heart and attack
  7. the went back to the passport control and  found the soldiers dead
  8. the took a wwalkie-talkie and euttred to the ventilation tube 
 PART 2:
  1. Contactando con janitor me indica por donde tengo que ir: a la derecha
  2. me dice que vaya en el centro de medico 
  3. y ahora estoy en el centro de medico,despues de ver lo que hay a dentro me dices que continue
  4. en el segundo despatcho  me dices que hay VAMPIRE
  5.  luego me dices que escuhe lo que dicen
  6. despues de verigure que su hermana estaba ahi janitor le dice que se mascarava como ellos 
  7. y decidio de volver y comprar cossas para que no le roconese
  8. y cojer una fila para lllevar las llabes para abri  la puerta

dimecres, 30 de març de 2011



    Excuse me, How can I get to...?=  si us plau com puc arribar a...............

  Go pass the first traffic light = vas recte

   Go pass the second roundabout = passa el segona  rodona

Trun left the first  traffic light= gira a  l'esquera al  primer semàfor 

   Trun right the second  roundabout = gira a la dreta a la segona rotonda

Trun half the roundabout = gira mitja rotonda

_Excuse me, how can I get  tothe book store?

_Go straigh on Pine Street  and turn right on Oak Street. The  book store  is opposit the Movie  theater.

_Excuse me, how can I get  to the jewelry store?

 _Go sttraight on Segon Avenue, turn right on Forest Street and turn left on  Hill Avenue. The jewelry store is next to the Italian Restaurant

dijous, 27 de gener de 2011

Which is my favourite fruit and vegetable?

My favorite fruit is ORANGE I canbe orange . The orange has many vitamines ,why the englis say a orange a day keeps dactor away